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    Sponsorship is sought to support the Club in its endeavour to mould our players into not only good netballers but more importantly good members of the community.


    The Club upholds a high standard of respectful behaviour and competitiveness.

    There are numerous opportunities to sponsor events, teams and our ongoing commitment to developing coaches, players and umpires.

    Whilst the club has worked hard to establish its current position, the challenge is to maintain and improve on our current status. The Club is well positioned to continue with its success in 2021 not only on the court, but through our development programs. To do this effectively, we need the support of our business partners and others in the local community.

    We understand that business partners are a key ingredient to our success not only financially but also the skills and knowledge they contribute via their association with our members and players.

    The club understands the importance of making contributions back to our business partners and we have developed initiatives that enable us to promote your business and its products to our members, players and supporters.

    All sponsorship packages are tax deductible and packages can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.



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